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A series for coolblueweb

PART 1: Define the Product

Subscription programs aren’t the hot, new thing they once were, however, they provide huge benefits to both customers and entrepreneurs. One of the attractions of the subscription model is its accessibility to all kinds of sellers. It doesn’t require enormous capital to get started, instead a little hard work, ingenuity, creativity, and hustle can lead to success. There’s some debate as to whether the trend will have long-term staying power, but sometimes that debate overlooks the fact that these programs are an excellent fit for the modern lifestyle. As consumers grow more used to the convenience of subscriptions, we believe the market will continue to grow.

Understand Different Business Models

First, you should be aware that there are a couple different subscription models. Some businesses are focused entirely on subscriptions, while others offer customers the opportunity to make one-time purchases in addition to subscribing. Typically, startups tend more towards the leaner, subscription-only model, while more established eCommerce stores might incorporate a subscription model into their existing operations (though this isn’t the case in every situation).

Read the full series here: Starting a Subscription Program

(Please note company has since rebranded to Built Mighty)

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