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DANCER & Choreographer

My focus is on reaching out to new audiences and exciting them with dance's potential to transport, inform and inspire. My choreography has been performed locally, nationally and internationally. I'm also proud to be the founder and director of Chimera Dance Theater, a nonprofit dance company in Seattle, WA.

I acquired my degree at Chapman University while on a talent scholarship. During my time there I choreographed and performed frequently, graduating magna cum laude.


Since returning to Seattle in 2003, my dances have been performed at The Gulf Islands Festival, E.P.I.C., Beyond The Threshold, Seattle University, Chapman University, Cornish College of the Arts, and Whitworth University. I've danced in concerts with Impulse Dance Company and Chimera Dance Theater as well as creating movement for local dance films.


I've also taught performance and technique classes throughout the region for over 15 years. My style is characterized by a love for story and patterns and a desire to transport and amuse.


"So, you're a dancer? That's unusual."

People say this to me a lot! They see me writing copy and doing content marketing and wonder how those things could have anything in common with dance.


But growing up a dancer teaches a number of important lessons that translate into many different situations. Dancers learn how to listen to corrections and adapt them to their own bodies and circumstances. They know how to tell stories, how the quiet moments and the loud ones add up to an engaging whole. Dancers are eternal students. They never assume they know everything about a subject, but instead understand there's always something new to learn. They work long and hard, because they understand success can only come through discipline.


And finally, dancers are passionate, creative thinkers used to coming up with solutions to unusual problems!

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