"Sarah can turn any topic into engaging, informative content. Her blog posts consistently draw more traffic to our company's website than almost any other traffic source. She has a knack for absorbing dry, technical documentation and transforming it into easy-to-follow, relevant pieces for our clients. As well as being a gifted writer, she is also a creative graphic designer and a pro at customer service. She's a great asset for our team and always delivers top quality work."

- Kristina Hjertberg


I love big ideas and I'm always thinking about what makes a brand successful and how best to communicate complex concepts. Below you can find some of the writing I've done, both for tech and related to the world of ecommerce.


Creativity and writing are both such large parts of my life that I find a lot of joy in sharing my experiences. I also love movies and television and have written entertainment-related features for CBR and other online journals.


As a top writer on Medium in the categories of Humor and Satire, I love crafting articles that focus on the hilarity of social media and modern culture.


I also create illustrations and custom graphics for use on social media!

Do you need a strong and reliable writer to craft content for your eCommerce website or create articles for publication? Would you like an infographic or design element to promote your research or ideas? Please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'd love to chat!