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"Sarah can turn any topic into engaging, informative content. Her blog posts consistently draw more traffic to our company's website than almost any other traffic source. She has a knack for absorbing dry, technical documentation and transforming it into easy-to-follow, relevant pieces for our clients. As well as being a gifted writer, she is also a creative graphic designer and a pro at customer service. She's a great asset for our team and always delivers top quality work."

— Kristina Hjertberg, coolblueweb


Technical Integrated Marketing Solutions

Prowess Consulting - full website rewrite

The new Prowess Consulting website tells the company story and elaborates on the range of services available to clients interested in making a positive impression online. Traffic increased by 60% in the first month after launch, and visitors spent 32.59% more time on the site.

Working at Vera - A Day in the Life

Vera Whole Health - multimedia recruitment page

Healthcare workers searching for new opportunities want to understand what it's actually like to work for different healthcare companies. This recruitment page for Vera Whole Health goes into detail on aspects such as how many patients are seen each day.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About B2B Healthcare Marketing

A Brave New - blog post

"Healthcare marketing comes with its own set of challenges that make connecting with prospects, communicating value, and differentiating your organization uniquely difficult. If you want your marketing to be a catalyst for growth, it requires the ability to navigate complex elements."

Encourage Long-Term Loyalty, With the HubSpot FlyWheel

A Brave New - blog post

"Whether you’ve dipped your toe into the world of marketing and sales or fully immersed yourself,  you’re likely familiar with the concept of a sales funnel. A version of the sales funnel has been around since 1898 (really!) and, while there’s still a place for it today, we’re here to talk about a somewhat updated approach."

SHORT FOrm Copy: Social Media Posts

A Brave New and Vera Whole Health - post examples

A variety of posts written for social media to promote existing content, engage visitors, and increase brand awareness.

apree Health New Logo Design

A Brave New - case study

Explore the process implemented by the design team at ABN to support Vera Whole Health and Castlight Health. When the two companies combined to create new healthcare brand apree health, they needed a logo that reflected their shared vision.

Bob's Burgers Solves Adult Animation's ToxiC Family Problem - article

"Bob's Burgers demonstrates that there's plenty of humor to be found within a healthy, loving family. It's a great example for other shows to follow."

Creative Writing Samples

Visit From a Stranger

The Junction - short story

"A stone cottage sat just past the edge of town. It had round windows, a roof coated in moss and was surrounded by the most vivid rose garden imaginable. From March until June the flowers crowded every open space, filling the air with perfume and growing to sizes well beyond that of a normal rose."

The Care and Keeping of Your Extroverted Partner

Human Parts - humorous essay

"Thousands of years ago, everyone was an introvert because the outside world was a dangerous place filled with tigers and centaurs. Also, plumbing hadn't been invented yet, so bathing was less common. This made social activities such as feasts and parades odorous affairs that no one really wanted to attend."

A Letter to the Witches Council Regarding Hansel and Gretel

Jane Austen's Wastebasket - short story

"To The Bad Sirs and Misses and XXxXs of The Witches Council,

I wholeheartedly wish for your good health and the affliction of all who come in contact with Your Wickednesses."

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