I've spent much of my life in art classes and messing around in sketchbooks. In 2005 I bought an early copy of Adobe Photoshop and began creating digital images of myself flying over cityscapes or turning my friends into green monsters. I was hooked. In 2007 I enrolled in Bellevue College and achieved a design certification.

Since then, I've crafted posters for events, created logos, put together playful graphics for use on social media, and assembled infographics. Lately, my focus has been on developing my skills in illustration. I particularly enjoy drawing various creatures in silly situations.


Redbubble has been a rewarding way to share my illustrations with friends and strangers. The store tagline is: "Cheeky treasures for you and your weird friends" and I believe that really expresses the creativity, joy and strangeness of the creatures I've created. Click the 'Shop Now' button to stop by and check it out. I've also included links to a few specific items below so you can get a feel for the products available.

Angry Duckling Premium T-Shirt

Sometimes a duckling just has to offset his adorable persona! This soft and comfy t-shirt is the perfect way to let people know, "Yes! I am a fun person who is in touch with my inner duckling."

Otter Swimming in Ramen Tote

This tote is soft and durable, featuring a little sea otter taking a bath in a bowl of noodles. Be careful not to eat the otter! Everything else in the ramen is delicious.

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