All of my work is extremely story-driven, whether I'm refreshing the content on a website, sharing an experience on social media, or crafting an article for publication. I worked for a web development agency in Seattle for six years, during which time I created all their marketing content. While I have a background in writing for SEO purposes, I'm also motivated by putting together copy that real human beings find exciting and valuable. My work has been published in Human Parts, CBR, The Startup, and a number of other online publications.

My specialization is in explaining complex ideas in interesting ways. I love to explore topics centered around the peculiarities of modern life and what it's like to navigate a world that is extremely fast-paced and connected. I'm an expert at research, which means I have experience writing for a variety of different industries. 

I write about WRITING, too!

The Unique Power of Open-Ended Questions

All Hail the Almighty Algorithm


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